Frequently Asked Questions

What if this is an emergency?
Please call 911 now.

How do I ensure the website/app can give me the best results?
Enter in your city on the main page, and the app/website will automatically show all the results.
You can narrow down the results using the filter function in the top right hand corner (if you're using the website). For example, in the filter, you can type in part of the address, or clinic name.

How do I find a hospital versus a walk in clinic?
In the app and on the website, click on the tabs labelled "Hospitals" or "Walk-In Clinics" to go to hospital search or walk-in clinic search page.

How do I submit times?
Simply enter the time you waited (the time it took from when you entered, until you were first seen by the doctor) in the submit time section.
The format is in Hours : Minutes.

How do I submit a new clinic/hospital location?
We strive to keep our database up to date. Thank you for telling us of new clinics! Contact us by email with the name, address, contact phone number and hours of operation and we will update the database promptly.

I cannot find my clinic.
Ensure that the city you searched for is correct. In larger metropolitan areas such as Toronto, the search is based on the surrounding city name - such as Richmond Hill, Mississauga instead.
How do I report an error?
Please send us an email. Our contact information can be found by clicking our name in the footer.

WIll my information be shared?
Nope! We collect only the times and locations of the submitted data. We do not collect any personal information. For more details, please review the privacy policy here

How do I leave feedback?
Please send us an email. Our contact information can be found by clicking our name in the footer.

How accurate are the times?
The times published on and on our app are all user submitted. We have measures in place to ensure inaccurate submissions are removed from the data set. Please do keep in mind that the times are all user submitted, and your experience may vary depending on the day of the week, time of day, weather conditions, doctors working and other variables. The more submission for times we receive from our users, the more accurate the times.

I love this app and website, how can I help?
Thank you! We love you too and hope you feel better soon! You using the website/app is already the greatest help! Keep up the awesome work! You can always share us with your friends, like us on Facebook, and of course - submit times when you go to the doctor!